Fabrication & Painting

Plastic Painting

We have perfected the art of painting plastic with the use of a new system where peeling paint is a thing of the past. We use a combination of preparation and adhesion promoters to ensure that the paint stays on and is of the highest quality.

Many customers purchase plastic sheet rod or tube and cut it into the correct sizes and then present them for welding.

We do supply sheet rod or tube cut to specification.

Plastic Fabrication

We make tanks and grease traps!

We fabricated two acid filters for a customer in Dandenong out of polypropylene.

These were cylindrical tubs with a basket inside and were constructed of 21 different pieces of polypropylene. Including the sheet rod and tube, there was over 30 meters of welding in each one and over 1,000 filter holes in the basket. They were all constructed to specification and have been in use for over 3 years.