Liquid / Chemical Tank Repairs

Plastic Repair can repair any type of chemical or storage tanks, we have all the OHS tickets for commercial sites and repair your plastic tanks for a fraction of the replacement cost.

We can repair almost any type of containment tank on the market today.

  • Liquid Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Slim line tanks
  • Round tanks
  • Under house tanks
  • All leaking plastic tanks
  • Fibreglass tanks
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Weed sprayer tanks
  • Food grade tanks
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Plastic pipes and fittings

Our advanced system of plastic water tank repairs and plastic welding can repair any leak or fittings on your plastic water tank, any size or installation.

Water tanks are a huge industry now and we have become specialists in repairing them. Most of these tanks are made from L.L.D.P.E. or linear low density polyethylene. This is a difficult plastic to repair as it isn’t able to be glued and has to be welded with a different density of welding rod, as it can’t be welded with itself contrary to most other weldable plastics.

We also have a confined space entry permit to enter tanks and weld from the inside, as this is really the only way to do effective repairs. An example of a tank repair is when a forklift operator, put one of the forks through a tank and 40,000 litres of water leaked out. This tank not only would have had to be removed and replaced, but also disposed of at great cost to the owners. For a fraction of these costs it was repaired successfully and withstands 40 tons of pressure when it is full. We also do many repairs to slim line water tanks that leak from the window areas also from the inside.

This is a salt mixing tank at a local butter factory, and after internal cleaning it was found to have several leaks around the bottom of the tank. We entered the tank from the top via a chain ladder and used air detectors to ensure a safe working environment.

It was welded all around the bottom internally and externally. The tank is made from polypropylene and encased in fibreglass. The replacement cost of this tank is $10,000 and three days of down time for the factory.  This repair cost less than $1,000.  Downtime, several hours.

Inside Plastic Tank 2

Here is a repair on the inside of a 2,500 litre water tank that was Roto moulded incorrectly, in that there wasn’t enough plastic in the middle of the tank and was therefore too thin. The water pressure caused a crack and subsequent leak in the tank. We have not only repaired the leak but have built up the offending area to bring some strength back to the tank 

Chemical Tank

We can repair any plastic and specialise in difficult plastics