Watercraft Repairs

  • Jet ski’s and Watercraft Repairs (Polyethylene welding)
  • Polycraft plastic boat repairs and alterations
  • Fibreglass repairs
  • Outboard motor engine cover repairs
  • Kayak and canoe repairs
  • Surfboard repairs

We do many and varied repairs to polyethylene kayaks and canoes. These craft are normally made of L.L.D.P.E. (linear low density polyethylene) and are made in a rotomould. The welding of L.L.D.P.E. is quite difficult as unlike most plastics it cannot be welded with itself.

We have the correct welding rods to effect these repairs and usually in the desired colours. We welded 6 mm thick plates to a fleet of hire Kayaks that were being dragged up the beach by customers and had developed holes in the keels from this constant wear. This was the only way the kayaks could be salvaged and this customer was relieved that they could be repaired rather than replacing them at great cost.

Repairs to six kayaks were cheaper than the replacement of only one and also much more environmentally friendly!